SBW Consulting

At SBW Consulting, our mission is to help society address climate change and economic inequality through more efficient energy and water use.

We apply our technical and managerial talents to create innovative programs and perform groundbreaking research and analysis nationwide.

In 1970, SBW’s three founders—Marc Schuldt, Michael Baker, and Ben Wildman–met at an engineering school. Their hippie-era, save-the-world idealism and technical mindset led to a variety of initiatives together after graduating, ranging from solar furnaces to pedal-powered home appliances to a cooperative deli/live music venue. After individual stints in other industries, they came together once again to establish SBW Consulting in 1990. Here, their lifelong passion for social good, technical excellence, and innovative thinking found expression in a firm that, many decades later, continues to exemplify their ideals.

SBW prides itself on its core values of integrity, collaboration, and work/life balance—which, simply put, means we love doing great work together, and we make sure we have fun doing it.

Our headquarters is near Seattle, Washington, though much of our staff works throughout the United States. Our employees are based in Eastern Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Colorado, and Arkansas. SBW is a certified minority-owned small business enterprise.

Our Services

We provide wide range of
business services.

Program Operation

SBW designs and implements innovative energy and water conservation initiatives, such as our award-winning direct-installations programs. We help our clients meet their portfolio goals, while providing first-rate service to their customers.


SBW evaluates the effectiveness of conservation programs. We apply the latest research approaches and protocols to help our clients make their programs and portfolios better.


SBW collaborates with policy makers to develop rigorous and well-structured frameworks and guidelines for efficiency measures. We bring solid understanding of the policy context and the technical underpinnings required for success.


SBW rigorously assesses emerging efficiency technologies and approaches to see how they function in the real world. We apply deep expertise in sample design and technical data collection to assess market baselines and technical potential.

Market Studies

SBW synthesizes information from a wide range of sources, including on-site measurements, to develop accurate understandings of current and future market conditions.

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