case studies: avista

Helping Hard-to-Reach Customers Save Energy

“I would absolutely recommend other businesses participate in this program, because ultimately everything adds up, and this is a simple way to eliminate costs quickly,”

Small businesses and multifamily complexes have traditionally been a tough nut for efficiency programs to crack. Since 2015, SBW has partnered with Avista, an investor-owned utility serving Washington and Idaho, to offer direct-install services to their hard-to-reach customers in these sectors. SBW’s programs address equity, an increasing focus in the energy world. They have reached many thousands of these customers, who have difficulty participating in programs, despite their needs.

SBW drew from its decades of proven experience with direct-install programs to tailor a door-to-door, personalized approach that has had tremendous success saturating these markets. Our turnkey approach covers planning, recruitment, tracking, and analysis to yield results. You can read more about it here.

Third-party evaluations have verified the energy savings—equivalent to the usage of many thousands of homes—from the programs’ installed efficient lighting, water-saving measures, and other devices. They also confirmed participants’ and the client’s satisfaction.Avista and SBW have collaborated creatively and effectively to meet their goals for many years now and expect to do so in the years to come.