case studies: california technical forum

Accessible, Transparent and Reliable Energy Savings Data

For more than 30 years, electric and gas utilities have provided incentives to buy, install,or adopt energy efficiency products and services. To simplify administering these incentive programs, regulators in many states have created listings (referred to as technical reference manuals) of approved products and services, the incentive to be paid for each, and the savings to be expected when they are installed or adopted by consumers in their homes and businesses. Over time, these lists have grown more and more complex, requiring careful attention to ensure that they remain up-to-date and adequately represent the most energy efficient products and services that are available.

The California Technical Forum hired SBW to create a new Electronic Technical Reference Manual (eTRM) for the state of California, to support the energy efficiency programs operated by both public and private utilities throughout the state. With the help of world-class software developers, we have guided the development of a web-based system that is highly transparent and accessible. The eTRM helps utilities, their suppliers, and consumers understand what products and services are available and how the energy savings have been estimated. The eTRM also makes it easy to update the listing and ensure that it will stay current as product and services evolve in the future.

In 2021, the California Public Utilities Commission has designated eTRM as its primary source for energy efficiency data. SBW’s contract for support and enhancements ensures that eTRM will continue to fulfill this role in the future. To learn more about eTRM follow this link.