Deemed Measures and Protocols

The energy efficiency world is complex and ever-changing, therefore it is key to have clear, well-developed guidelines on the best methods to implement and assess energy efficiency efforts. So, too, is ensuring that energy savings attained through efficiency efforts are derived from carefully documented, and solidly backed research and assumptions. SBW has been an industry leader in this realm, working with policy makers and managers at the municipal, company, state, and regional levels to develop rigorous and defensible efficiency measures and protocols that form the cornerstones for successful programs. Our rigorous and systematic approaches, coupled with our deep understanding of the context in which organizations operate, as well as our practical experience with research and data collection, enable us to provide first-rate advising in this arena.

Examples of important efforts that SBW has led or made significant contributions to include:

  • Pacific Northwest Regional Technical Forum (RTF) Operative Guidelines
    • Roadmap for Measures
    • Estimating Savings
    • Estimating Incremental Measure Costs and Benefits
    • Estimating Measure Lifetime
  • Bonneville Power Administration M&V Protocols
    • Energy Modeling
    • Regression
    • Energy Use Indexing
    • Engineering Calculations
  • USDOE Uniform Methods Project – Evaluation Protocols
    • Variable Frequency Drive
    • HVAC Controls (DDC/EMS/BAS)
  • California Technical Forum Electronic Technical Reference Manual (eTRM) – underway
  • RTF Unit Energy Savings – comprehensive reviews, standardization, and updates
  • Technical support for ASHRAE and IPMVP Protocol Development

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