Erin Wenger


Energy Engineer

Erin is a recent graduate of the M.S. in Architectural Engineering program at University of Colorado, Boulder. She has experience with modeling, research, and field work through coursework and internships held during her educational career. Her masters project involved executing a techno-economic analysis of a photovoltaic-thermal (PV-T) system cooled with radiant cooling panels developed at CU Boulder. The project required the creation of an advanced system model as well as a complex controls strategy to generate cold water, cool PV-T panels and heat water using PV-T panels. A system model was created for Phoenix, Arizona using annual, 3-minute, weather data. Erin was also involved in research at SBW to automate data collection for the Commercial Building Stock Assessment. She interviewed field engineers to determine the best way to structure the commercial building survey in an application format and designed a procedure to collect census block information remotely ranging from collecting lot size to classifying business names and types.