Market Studies

Accurate understandings of current and future market conditions underpin strategies for meeting efficiency goals in years to come. SBW combines its expertise in sample design, technical interviews, and on-site measurements to provide solid assessments of market baseline conditions and technical potential.
Recent work includes sample design and data collection framework for the Pacific Northwest Commercial Building Stock Assessment (CBSA), a critical study that provides the foundation for much of the energy efficiency activity in that region. Our effort features close collaboration with Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance staff and regional representatives.
Another recent effort pilot-tested batch installation of high-efficiency tubular LED lighting in small businesses. By collaborating closely and systematically with contractors, we obtained real-world insights and information. The results of this study provided portfolio managers critical information to guide their future programmatic efforts in this arena.
SBW also provides technical support as part of a market research team charged with providing energy efficiency analysis and market intelligence research for Bonneville Power Administration. This research incorporates innovative methods to support BPA’s understanding of market adoption of energy efficient equipment and practices, and how this market adoption impacts Northwest energy consumption.

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