Program Operation

Throughout its history, SBW’s mission has been to find new ways to save resources. We continually design and implement innovative energy and water conservation initiatives. We help our clients meet their program goals, while providing high-quality service to their customers, through a wide variety of approaches, including:

  • Facility assessments of energy and water efficiency
  • Commercial direct install efficiency programs
  • Compressed air management programs
  • Technical support for utility efficiency programs

Learn more about our work in these areas:

Commercial Whole Building

Developing new approaches to achieve deep energy savings in existing buildings is critical for future programs. SBW assists utilities designing innovative pay-for-performance and whole-building programs by helping find the best incentive structures, and verifying actual savings with robust analytical techniques. We aim to help our clients set up programs that motivate businesses to maximize their investments in efficiency improvements with minimal hassle.

Direct Install

Small businesses have always been a challenge for efficiency programs to reach, but constantly-evolving technologies, coupled with first-rate customer service, have enabled SBW to serve this sector successfully for more than 15 years. We have offered our award-winning direct-install programs through a wide variety of utility clients throughout the Western U.S. In doing so, we have provided much-appreciated services to tens of thousands of facilities, as our program staff direct-install appropriate energy- and water-saving measures, conduct audits to identify deeper opportunities, and provide educational materials for businesses.

Compressed Air Management

Compressed air use in industrial facilities has long been a hidden, but significant opportunity for energy savings. Over the past 20 years, SBW has performed market research and developed program design to tap this resource. We have continually improved our Compressed Air Management Programs (CAMP), which we have operated for a number of West Coast utilities. These programs feature on-site, metering-based system audits, technical support during implementation, commissioning, savings verification and financial incentives to businesses with large compressed air needs.

Facility Energy and Water Assessments

Over the past two decades, SBW has provided a wide range of technical support for programs providing commercial and industrial energy and water audits. Our work includes intensive site evaluations, measure development, monitoring, and engineering analysis, and result in detailed reports summarizing costs and savings for energy conservation measures. Our expertise spans a wide range of large facilities, including heavy industries, municipal water treatment plants, refrigerated warehouses, and schools. We have examined measures that improve efficiency in compressed air, refrigeration, lighting, HVAC, pneumatic conveying, motor, and pumping systems. In addition, SBW has performed quality control reviews for hundreds of engineering studies reports prepared by other firms.

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