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Program Manager

Robert, the program manager and marketing coordinator for SBW’s successful direct installation programs, possesses over 20 years of experience within the environmental and energy services arena. He understands deeply the issues surrounding the successful implementation of direct install programs, having personally installed tens of thousands of energy efficiency devices himself, as well as supervising program teams. Direct-install programs are a critical means for reaching hard-to-reach small business and multifamily customers. His coordination and diligent efforts have directly resulted in enormous energy and water savings for end users and utilities throughout the western United States alike, through the installation of thousands of LEDs, over 16,000 efficient spray valves, 100,000 low-flow faucet aerators, 8,000 showerheads, 14,000 VendingMisers, and 4,000 CoolerMisers, along with more than 13,000 facility assessments. Robert prides himself on his ability to reach business decision-makers and motivate them to engage in our programs, and his programs consistently demonstrate extremely high customer participation and satisfaction rates. Mr. Blue graduated summa cum laude from Vermont Law School with an LL.M. in Environmental Law and is a member of the Washington State Bar.