Evaluation, Measurement, and Verification

Energy program evaluation needs and practices have evolved substantially over the years. SBW has been there since the early days of evaluation, as we have over two decades of experience with independent third-party evaluation, and related project-specific measurement and verification (M&V). Time and again, we have provided critical research to guide program managers and policymakers.

Our evaluation skills run the gamut from in-depth studies involving multiple years of continuous end-use metering to those that are based on short-term metering or in-depth inspections and interviews. Throughout our history, we have applied these skills in conducting many dozens of large and complex program and portfolio impact evaluations for major organizations nationwide. In recent years, we have focused on emerging whole-building energy management initiatives for commercial and industrial customers.

These evaluations have included programs delivering a wide variety of efficiency measures to residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural customers. Our studies have featured various techniques such as two-stage stratified sample design, short-term metering, and calibrated simulation modeling to increase the statistical reliability of the findings, minimize measurement error, and control the costs of conducting the research. Our engineering staff has extensive experience with a wide range of efficiency improvements in the commercial and industrial sectors, gained by performing more than 2,000 site-specific energy savings analyses.

Selected examples of evaluation areas that SBW has successfully engaged include:

  • Commercial Whole Building Pilot Program
  • Resource Conservation Manager Program
  • Commercial Strategic Energy Management Program
  • Commercial Direct-Install Programs
  • Site-Specific Savings Portfolio (regional)
  • Electric Efficiency Portfolio (biennial and five-year)
  • Net Zero Energy Pilot Program
  • Retro-commissioning Portfolio (statewide)
  • Comprehensive Design Approach Portfolio (statewide)
  • Embedded Energy in Water Efficiency Projects (statewide)

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